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Welcome Consignors!

Consignor Welcome
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Thank you for choosing Digs as your consignment partner, such an honor deserves our best! Consigning here is easy, and you can view all your activity on line at:

  1. A printed guide is available; it’s best to read the guide before bringing in consignment items.
  2. Have complete knowledge and understanding of your responsibilities in consigning before you leave consignments. We do not change the rules.
  3. Ask questions, we are here to help. We want you to be a successful consignor.

In short:  Consignment period is 110 days, if it lasts that long. Consignment items automatically reduce throughout the consignment period. You get 50% of the selling price.  We want to get the best possible price for your items!

Payouts are made every/other month (even months). Pick your check up in the store on or after the 10th day of each payout month.

Example: April 10th consignor checks are printed for balances though March 31, and include complete accounting of your sales. We don’t print checks for less than $11; you may use this credit towards a purchase or take a cash payout.    

Payout months: Feb, April, June, Aug, Oct, Dec. Checks are valid for 6 months, we do not reissue invalid checks.

There is a $4.00 account maintenance fee deducted each payout (only if you are receiving a check payout). This is only $2.00 per month for complete accounting, print, and you may view your account online.

Important, it is your responsibility to know your own end dates, and to retrieve your own unsold consignment items by the forfeit date. We do not notify you of forfeit dates or sales. Expired consignments automatically become store property. You may not take back forfeited items.

At times we are too full to accommodate consignments, it’s a good idea to check first.

Consignors, please like and share our Face Book page, this helps us all!

We don’t take in consignments Dec 15th – Jan 2nd. Only furniture will be considered at that time. Happy Holidays!



Most Wanted List

Buffets, dressers, side tables, dinning, crystal, industrial, shabby, Architectural, old windows, doors, Mid-Century Modern, retro, 1970’s chic, sporting, Farm House, silver, designer handbags, Jewelry, Fiesta Ware, Franciscan, Royal Dolton, Johnson Brothers, 1960’s chic, French style, Russell Wright, Western, Native American Chandeliers, Lighting, Rugs, Old Garden Décor, Old Maps