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How did I get here?

ginaI’m Gina, my mother’s daughter. Dog lover, dumpster diver, ‘designer at heart’, entrepreneur, (this is the second business adventure in my life and may not be my last). I have two beautiful granddaughters that often help out around the shops, I’m just lucky that way.

My love for searching out treasures at tag sales, estate sales and auctions, coupled with my passion for painting and recreating furniture and home; somehow grew into opening a consignment store. At the time there weren’t any stores like this in my neighborhood.

My friends and family were referring to the garage as my make-believe resale shop, friends wanted to go shopping in my garage, closets and under the beds!  Let’s face it...winter was coming and I really wanted to get my car back in the garage!

I envisioned my new store to be a friendly, quiet little shop where I could paint furniture, create and decorate; where my lovely customers stopped in often for some shared inspiration. I was just that for 2 whole months, then it exploded into the busiest shop, I could have ever imagined!

Oh, it’s friendly and lovely customers stop in often, and we have the best consignors that keep us loaded with quality inventory, but it’s not the quiet little shop I first imagined nor is there ever a dull minute to create and decorate. …  thus comes Digs Fresh Vintage, a quiet little shop where we paint furniture, have furniture painting classes, create and decorate.

I have the best staff in the world. The ladies keep thousands of items flowing smoothly through the store, and it is hard work!  I’m blessed more than I deserve; I hope you get a chance to stop in and meet them!

Most Wanted List

Buffets, dressers, side tables, dinning, crystal, industrial, shabby, Architectural, old windows, doors, Mid-Century Modern, retro, 1970’s chic, sporting, Farm House, silver, designer handbags, Jewelry, Fiesta Ware, Franciscan, Royal Dolton, Johnson Brothers, 1960’s chic, French style, Russell Wright, Western, Native American Chandeliers, Lighting, Rugs, Old Garden Décor, Old Maps