DIY Products

DIY ProductsDebi’s Design DIY Paint

These paints are hands down the best artisan clay & chalk finish paint in the industry.

Only the highest quality NO VOC pigments, 9 ingredients, clay and chalk paint. Not only can you paint indoors without worrying about fumes, but for those people who have allergies or are sensitive to toxins its all natural. The high-quality pigment in DIY Paint results in exceptional coverage and color richness.

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DIY Products

Iron Orchid Designs

The possibilities are endless with IOD image transfers, stamps and moulds. The IOD sisters have designed the highest quality, beautiful and easy to use, creative embellishment products there are.

We stock all of the IOD products.

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DIY ProductsDIY/Paint Pixie Brushes

I’m picky about my paint brushes and have used many in the last 25 years and so has Paint Pixie. These quality and reasonably priced brushes are custom made in Italy.

The oval brushes hold more paint than the standard flat brush. With the rounded top and staggered bristles, they leave less brush strokes.

We carry a selections of brush types to help you do your best work!

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