Silicone Paint Blades (Pack of 2) by IOD – Iron Orchid Designs


IOD Silicone Paint Blades (Pack of 2) by by Iron Orchid Designs. 

Box includes 2 Silicone Paint Blades – a 3″ roller and 5″ Silicone Paint Blades.

Here she is – the tool you’ve all been waiting for! Introducing the IOD pack of two silicone paint blades.– a must-have for any trowel painting technique. It’s just like adding buttercream frosting to a cake. Smooth and delicious texture – without the calories! Yum

The IOD Silicone Paint Blade is a brand new DIY decor tool for applying paint, blending, and creating texture. You can use it for troweling techniques with paint (that’s our favorite!) as well as with texture mediums for raised stenciling. When you use the IOD Silicone Paint Blade, you use less paint than with a paintbrush and can easily save any unused paint by scraping if off the blade and back into the container.

It’s also perfect for people who are terrible about washing out her paintbrushes. Crusty, day-old dried chalk-style paint comes off oh, so easy!